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who is happy fruit

Happy Fruit is a leading company in the production of agricultural crops and exporting fresh products.

Happy Fruit mobilizes citrus fruit, pomegranates, grapes and strawberries, as the company overseeing the many production lines that produce onions and vegetables, including color peppers.

The company owns a factory for processing and packaging of all kinds of fruits and vegetables processed for export in the international markets and all production.

Lines are subject to the authorities of Happy Fruit Company, Which owns all rights administration in the production of its shipments.

Happy Fruit was founded since 2008 and during this period, Happy Fruit exports to Russia. Ukraine. Lithuania. Italy. England. Netherlands. Denmark. Far East. And all over the Arab countries.

Happy Fruit Company is working in export to different places of the world as standard products of fruits and vegetables, which were able to spread in markets around the world through their superior quality.

why you choose us

Happy Fruit imports and exports a wide variety of fruits and vegetables from around the world.

Happy Fruit is well-known for its excellent quality and competitive price point.

Happy Fruit has a strong network of Suppliers, Wholesalers and Distribution networks.

Happy Fruit delivers fresh products of the highest quality and so with the entire supply process that meets exceptional standards from the start to finish. FMI means

We grow our products according to the international standards and our packing house is fully equipped, with a total capacity of more than 35.000 tons per season for citrus.

Our Grapes Packing house includes pre-cooling and cold storage facilities with capacity of 200 containers per season.

our mission and How to achieve

Our mission is to be a successful, reliable, innovative and sustainable Fresh produce supplier.

  • Controlling the chain 100%, from tree to DC
  • A short chain and where possible own production
  • Safe & Sound Products
  • Added value for our clients
  • Product- en Category Management
  • Innovative in Sourcing, Production & Packaging
  • Sustain our business for future generations!

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More Info

Our Farms

Our farms are located on the Desert Road Between Cairo and Alexandria

  • El Eman & Al Reda Farms (Egypt).
    • Established 1990 - 2000
    • Total area 5200 acres
    • Products: Citrus, Grapes, Onion, Tropical Products, Sweet Potato Vegetable.
  • Production of Third Parties
    • Total area 3000 acres
    • Products: Citrus, Garlic and Potato